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Sunday, August 26, 2007

random facts..

In class 1, when my first friend in school told me that he has a car with two steering wheels, and that his father has got a pair of shoes which can crack open any shut doors in the world, I believed it wholeheartedly. I was new to that 'world' then.

I've tried eating candle wax when i was a kid.

I take something to read when I go to the loo, even from the 'children's comics' days.

I had my first crush in class 6th.

Years back, I had a dream about the death of a member of family. Within the dream, I prayed it to be just a dream, and wept throughout.

I dont like seeing people wearing ring on their index finger, for no specific reasons.

Once, when I was on my way to leave Madhu at the airport, I gulped down my first peg of rum, and I puked the very next moment.

When I dont feel like a selfish son, I admire my father for the same reasons which I disapprove of him.

I love the rains! i love to watch the rains through the window lying on my bed!

I am a chronic procrastinator, and I find weird hypotheses and reasons that convinces me to postpone things.

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